Personal Qoute

"In my profound being, I have infinite amount of words to share. I know there is much more to ascertain within me. I am like a never ending book just waiting to be continued. At this end, I heave my words before your eyes and their significance in your contemplation."

Personal Qoute

"As a reader reading what I have written, you have placed me in appraisal, whether my words run in your conscious or not which I am mindful of. I hope you see what is behind and in front of every word. Reading me halfway will not complete my disposition in your judgment."

Personal Qoute

"In my mind, I see occurrences from my life being plaed out like a movie in front of my eyes, going from rewind - the past of my life or the beginning of the movie to pause mode - freezing or stopping at moments that I wish I could erase."

Celebrating Twenty Five Years Of Writing

About me

"I am not more or less than what you read in my 25 years of writing"

Through the years, my writing skills have evolved as the conflicts within me lead to a tantalizing passage overflowing with self-inflicted vivid art and passion that I intend to continue, exposing to the world how wonderful is the human’s emotions with all its complexities. It is worth the pause, the contemplation and penning it on paper.

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