Golden Love

When Sheila Anderson graduated from college, she was hopeful of making a career as a designer. But she did not know that her life would be entwined with a world-famous designer who would be her boss.

Andres Motero, she found out was a tyrant who turned her life into a hell. She had to cope with him patiently to achieve her goal. But, in the process, she fell in love with her boss, the biggest flirt in town. But how long could she endure his ways? One fine day she left him without a word, running away from a love that was no fulfilled. Years passed, with many dramatic events taking place in her life.

Fame and wealth came to her as she became a successful model. But did love enter her life again? Did she meet the man she loved? And of she did, did the sparks of love rekindle again? Or was her life enmeshed once again in a series of tragic circumstances?