Penned With Self-Inflicted Marvel

Thoughts That Ignite Elation

Highlight's etched moments in her mind in a journey through life's mysterious incantations with a confessional prologue towards zeal and a zesty vision.

My life is filled with words to be read, felt and absorbed. This is where I am today. I am living great experiences. I want to be what I am, so take me as I am. There is more to what you read about me, and maybe, not what you think of me.

Rima Jbara is a gifted writer. As the author of fourteen novels, she is also considered to be the Middle East's most prolific author, having written novels in English, from the age of thirteen onwards. Her novel Hope; was the most admired novel in 2000, having been chosen by legions of her fans as a 'masterpiece'. This stellar achievement is credited with bringing Rima to the attention of an international readership that values unique and exceptional authors.

Thoughts That Ignite Elation