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Let Me Have My Say

Does it matter what my name is? I am a female. Does it matter what my religion is? I believe in God. Does it matter what country I come from? I live on earth.

I am talking to you, specifically, your mind. What do you agree and disagree with from all my philosophical, psychological and logical thoughts? Probably, some of my thoughts might be nonsense and illogical. Sometimes, I think profoundly in a matter and came to the conclusion that there is no universal definition for sense or logic, they vary from one person to another. My thoughts are unsettling to most people and adequate to fewer people.

My words can be enticing and eerie yet detailed with metaphors to abide by on the darkest yet most hopeful times. Read me.

In this book, Rima Jbara has quite precisely changed the modus operandi in the writing of a novel.

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Let Me Have My Say